Garden without hoe


The association for development of permaculture from Belgrade organized a seminar related to healthy agriculture and organic farming called “Garden without hoe”, on Saturady, 28th of September, 2013.

The lecturer of the seminar was ALADAR DOZA, graduate agricultural engineer, who used to work for Ministry of Agriculture.

The topic of the seminar was PERMACULTURE, the way of creating of balanced environment, which includes the culture of living, infrastructure, animals and all other elements, which environ the humankind. Permaculture strives to creating of optimal combination of these elements, making them multifunctional , thus helping and supporting others. This natural way of farming provides great quantities of crops, demanding less effort and continually improving soil quality.

The seminar introduced different ways of vegetable growing, without hoeing and plowing and showed how to protect and cultivate crops without fertilizing and other chemical treatments.

For more information, please call: 061/6371-233, or contact us via email:

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