Jesen u Zlakusi – “Loncarijada 2013.“


Organized by Association of Potters Zlakusa and supported by Local Community of Zlaksua, a traditional manifestation „Jesen u Zlakusi“ , also known as LONCARIJADA, was held.

The central part of  manifestation was competition in preparing the food in traditional Zlakusa’s dishes, together with pottery fair and presentation of making the dishes out of clay. The president and supervisor of the competition was Sasa Misic, from the popular TV series „Hell’s Kitchen“.

Besides the host, folklore and singing group of Ethno Association „Zavicaj“, the guests of the cultural event were folklore ensemble „Jelek“ from Podunavci. The main stars of the evening part of the manifestation were folk music singers-  Aca Ilic and Biljana Jevtic.

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