Vasilije Terzic’s Painting Gallery

Vasilije Terzic,  graduated at the University of Economics,  a painter and poet from Zlakusa, was born on 13th of January, 1944. He has been dealing with painting for almost 40 years. He attended on a great number of symposiums all over Serbia and was exhibitor on various group and individual exhibitions. His paintings decorate a lot of apartments, business premises and restaurants on several continents.

He was the initiator of arts symposium in Zlakusa, which led to creation of manifestation “Jesen u Zlakusi”, as well as art ceramics symposium. The first events of a kind were held in his house, where he hosted great names of Serbian painting such as: Milic od Macve, Bozo Kovacevic, Vojislav Cetkovic, etc.

Establishing the Ethno Association “Zavicaj” and Sector for literature and arts, he opened the gallery, which is included in tourist offer of the village.