Village Development Council

Local Community Council of Zlakusa elected 4 persons, who formed Village Development Council. The latter council serves as a support, when discussing important issues related to village.

Mission of the council: to contribute to village development and improve the level of quality of everyday life, through various project and investments in the village.

Vision of the council: Zlakusa, Balkan capital of pottery craft  and the first ecologically clean tourist village in Zlatibor area. (Zlakusa, the village of potters and flowers)

The first results of the council’s members are public works on Djetinja’s both banks, arranged Monumental Park “Vesala” and the bridge across Djetinja river, as well as designed project  for bicycle and running path along the right bank of the river Djetinja.

Village Development Council members are:

  1. Ninko Tesic, B.Sc. econ
  2. Miroslav Tesic, Bachelor of Laws
  3. Radoljub Sunjevaric, B.Sc. econ
  4. Sasa Drndarevic, B.Sc. mechanical