Ethno Association “Zavicaj”

Non-profit association of citizens, was founded with the aim of cultivating of culture, tradition, customs, old crafts, music, folklore, etc. It was established in 2005 in Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija”, where the base of association is located. It counts over 200 members, working in several departments:

Children’s Folklore Department (children’s folklore ensemble, singing group, national orchestra, fife group, folklore school)

Adults’ Folklore Department (veteran folklore group, singing group, trumpet orchestra)

Old Crafts Department (potter’s section, making of national costumes, weaving section)

Ecology Department (mountaineering and eco-section)

Arts and Literature Department (painters, writers)

Rural Tourism Department (categorized village tourist households)

Ethno Association “Zavicaj” is the founder of manifestation “Zlakusa u pesmi i igri, as well as of traditional “Uskrsnji koncert, Srpsko prelo, International Eco-camp, co-organizer of the manifestation
“Jesen u Zlakusi”, etc.