It can be rightfully said that football has the longest tradition in the village among any sport. Football was the most popular, even at the time when there was no sports court in the village. People used to play football at today’s parking lot place, next to grocery shop “Vozd”.   The second most popular sport was basketball, which was played at the same place as football.

Well-known tournaments used to take place at old “Dzaovina”, where gathered up to 15 teams from the surrounding area. During the 1980s, a team from the village was formed. During the next 15 years, this team achieved great success, winning the tournaments in Vrutci, Dreznik, Roge, Visibaba, Stapari, Kriva Reka, Gorjani. The team members at the time were: Tesic Milija, Jevtic Milovan-Mican, Terzic Milutin-Combe, Tesic Sredoje, Sarvan Dragutin, Terzic Gvozden-Gojo, Tesic Vojislav-Vojo and others.

As for the professional football players, certainly the most successful of them is Radan Sunjevaric- he played for Sevojno, Sloboda, Novi Pazar and trained in Metalac from Gornji Milanovac. He is the member of most popular football club in Bosnia and Herzegovina- FC Sarajevo, now.