Village Name Legend

There are several legends about the name of the village. One of them can be heard most often and it originates from the period of Ottoman Empire.

Through a part of the territory of today’s village, the Turkish caravans passed by over the beaten Roman paths. These caravans were full of goods and ducats, which always attracted haiduks.  The most appropriate and at the same time most favorite place for the attack on caravans was a slope ), which is placed on the territory of today’s village. Since the attacks on the slope became more and more often, the Turks being afraid of the spot, named the slope after evil. Literally, the name ZLAKUSA means EVIL SLOPE.

Considering the existence of old Roman paths on this territory, especially because of the great Roman settlement that was located in the village of Visibaba nearby Pozega, 13km away from Zlakusa and of Roman necropolis in the adjoining village of Uzici (there is even an old Turkish (Roman) bridge made of stone across the river Derventa), it is obvious that Turkish caravans passed across the roads and it is very probable that some of the legends led to creation of the name of the village.