Village Monuments

Zlakusa, as well as the whole area of Uzice, was not spared during war times and turbulent past. Therefore there are several monuments which evidence about the events and people from different periods throughout village history. These monuments are:

Monument on Gradina – located on the sole Gradina’s peak (931m above sea level- the highest point of the village). The monument was made out of stone. It was erected on 7th of July, 1950 and renewed on the 7th of July 1976. Shaped as pyramid, with five-pointed star on the top, it was dedicated to the members of the First Uzice’s Partisan Unit, who died fighting with German soldiers.

Monumental Park “Vesala” (gallows) –  it is placed at the village entrance, on the left side of the road, nearby railway stop and before Djetinja bridge. The monument in the form of wooden gallows was dedicated to the victims of WWII, the residents of the village who were shot, for the sake of retaliation and after the battle on Gradina on 18th of August, 1941. After that, all of them were hanged by German soldiers. 18 innocent people from Zlakusa lost their lives , together with 1 person from nearby village of Dreznik. The monument was erected at the beginning of the 90s and 18th of August was marked as the Day of Local Community of Zlakusa.

The memorial plaque dedicated to the village residents who lost their lives in war 1941-1945 – it is placed on the building of former grocery shop “Gradina”, today’s grocery shop “Vozd” in the center of the village. It was unveiled on 29th of November, 1958 and besides 18 names who were shot after the battle on Gradina on 18th of August, 1941 there are also 12 names of the residents, who were victims of WWII.

The memorial plaque dedicated  to National Hero  Miodrag Milovanovic Lune – it is placed in the woods above highway Belgrade-Uzice, across railway stop in Zlakusa. It marks the place where National Hero Miodrag Milovanovic Lune was mortally wounded on 27th of April, 1944. The monument was erected by Uzice’s Gymnasium representatives, which was named after this hero.

Other monuments – there is also memorial plaque from the period of WWII on the Ivanovic’s property, dedicated to house members, who were burned alive by occupier. Memorial plaque on the well in Terzica Avlija was dedicated to Gvozden Terzic, Milivoje and Milisav.