Village Panoramas

Encircled with hills, Zlakusa has a shape of wreath, when watching from bird’s eye perspective. On the other hand, while watching from the adjoining village of Gorjani, from highway connecting Uzice and Belgrade, Zlakusa’s Field and village of Zlakusa are bordered with Rupeljevo’s Rock on the northeast, the peaks of Vranjaca on the east, Joco’s Hill on the southeast, ranges and watershed of Gradina on the south and Colska’s Door on the southeast. The highest parts of the village of Gorjani are placed on Zlakusa’s north side. Therefore, Zlakusa abounds with beautiful viewpoints, which offer magnificent and unique views on some hamlets and the environment, as well.

From the highest point of the village (Gradina 931m above sea level)  there is a grandiose 360° view of the Zlatibor’s peaks and the valley of the river of Rzav on one side, whereas on the other  there are Ovcar, Kablar, Pozega’s basin, panorama of Sevojno and Jelova Gora. After marking of the pedestrian paths by Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija”, Zlakusa has become a discovery for numerous mountaineering clubs all over Serbia and Europe. That led a route of newly designed European pedestrian path E-7 to pass across the watershed above village.

The valley of the river Djetinja connects Pozega’s basin on one side, and Potpec’s field on the other, in the same direction as railway Belgrade- Bar and highway route lies.