The school in Zlakusa started working just before WWII, in 1939 as a part of a household of Gvozden Terzic, who gave one of his two houses  for work of the first school (today’s Ethno Park „Terzica Avlija“). The school teacher at the time was National Hero Petar Radovanovic, after whom the student dormitory in Uzice was named.

A tragic story is closely related to the first school in Zlakusa. On 18th of August, 1941 after the battle on Gradina, German soldiers came to today’s Terzica Avlija, broke the teacher’s door and found the forbidden communist literature. This led to capturing of Gvozden Terzic and his nephew Milisav, an 18-year-old young man. They were brought to village entrance, where German soldiers shot and hanged them, on the place where today’s „Vesala“ monument is (gallows).

Residents of the village of each gender started building new primary school in 1965 and finished it next year. One of the initiators of this project was teacher Miodrag Sojic. He brought the first radio to the village, as well. In 1975, there were two classes of four-year school with 39 students.