Map of Village


– Pecarina (center), Livade, Sunjevare, Vranjaca, Savici, Jovica breg, Marici, Glisici, Brezdje

Existing content:

– Primary School „Aleksa Dejovic“, Sevojno, with a department in Zlakusa, from 1st to 4th grade

– Ballpark for basketball, football, handball

– Local bus stop on the line Uzice-Pozega

– Bus terminus for the line Uzice-Pozega-Uzice

– Railroad stop on the railway Beograd-Bar

– Monuments- monument park „Vesala“, Gradina monumnet, memorial plaques, memorial fountains

– Marked paths- 60km-

– Grocery shops- Zlakusanka, Fortuna, Vozd

– Restaurant- Terzica Avlija

– Museum- Terzica Avlija

– Summer stage- Terzica Avlija

– Souvenir shop- Terzica Avlija

– Mountaineering camp- Terzica Avlija

– Accommodation capacities of the village- 50 beds

– Hairdressing salon-1

– Pottery households-18

– Village cemeteries-3

– Drying place for drying of herbs and fruits-1

– Fishpond for trout breeding-1

– Workshop for making of national costumes-1

– Hunting lodge (under construction)-1

– Meat roasting service-1

– Painting gallery-1

– Paraglider takeoff spot

– Marked walking paths (circular)-60km

Contents in the forming phase:

– Spa center-1

– Running track and bicycle path-766m

– Library-Terzica Avlija