Location of village of Zlakusa- How to come to Zlakusa?

The village of Zlakusa is located in Western Serbia, Zlatibor County and it belongs to territory of city of Uzice, which is center of the tourist region. The village is placed in the valley of the river Djetinja, on its right bank, below Gradina (931 m above sea level), halfway between Pozega (11 km) and Uzice (13 km).

Zlakusa is located in the center of triangle, approximately equally distanced from three capitals- Belgrade 185km (Serbia), Sarajevo 185km (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Podgorica 215km (Montenegro). It is placed on highway connecting Belgrade with the two large cities, halfway between Pozega (11km) and Uzice (13km). The first bigger nearby place is Sevojno (7km).

Besides from highway, the village is connected with Serbian capital, as well as with other cities, with railway and there is also a railway stop in the village.

Zlakusa is placed in rich tourist surrounding such as: Zlatibor (35km) and Tara (60km), Sirogojno (33km), Mokra Gora with Drvengrad and Sarganska Osmica (55km), Guca (36km), Ovcar-Kablar Gorge with its monasteries and Ovcar Spa (28km) and there are also the river Drina (48km), Divcibare (50km), Kadinjaca (27km), etc…

Important Information:

* When coming to Zlakusa from Belgrade the highway exit is on the left side, right after the neighboring village of Uzici, near the railway stop ZLAKUSA (11km from Pozega). When coming to Zlakusa from Zlatibor and Uzice, the highway exit is on the right, just after the neighboring village of Gorjani, next to village billboard (7km from Sevojno).

* Tourist buses higher than 3.40m are not able to reach the center of the village and must be parked in front of the underpass at village entrance. Buses up to 3.60m can enter the village through an underpass near Sevojno, reaching Zlakusa via local road and passing through adjoining villages.

Basic info:

– Village coordinates:  lat. 43˚47’34’’ N; long. 19*57’03’’ E

– Elevation: 400-931m above sea level

– Area: 665ha

– Postal Code: 31205 Sevojno

– Telephone country code: +381 (0)31

– Registration No. : UE

– Time zone: Central European Time

– Climate: Humid Continental Climate

– Hydrography: the river of Djetinja, the small river of Petnica, Sunjevarski Stream, Terzica Stream, Ciganski Stream

– Hight of Underpass: 3.40m, at village entrance, in Zlakusa.
3.60m, underpass in Sevojno, from where Zlakusa can be reached via local road, through adjoining villages Potocanje, Krvavci and Potpec.